Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i'm in luv. check out

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RANDOM THOUGHT: this probably came from watching my friend Jasmine Coles (who is by the way an AMAZING actress) do her solo performance. but anyway, i was like, is it a choice to be in love? or maybe a choice to act on the feeling? is it controllable or preventable once you feel it? i donnoooo..ive never been..but just thinkinnng.

BUT please check out that site! i've chosen to luv it

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Pieces of We"

This past semester I was working on a prototype of a book-- or i guess now i want to call it a zine-- for young girls. I wanted this zine to give young girls a positive and strong image of a girl/woman. I asked several of my friends three questions: who you are? what you stand for? and what your definition of a strong woman is? i was so amazed by these ladies responses. there are more responses i have to add to complete this. My hope is that I'll eventually have at least 15 girls featured in the zine, at least 9 quote pages from notable women in history, and maybe 8 or so special topics. I want to find some organization that may help me get this mass produced and distribute it around the Richmond area, or wherever i may end up after leaving Richmond. Hope to have them for free in bookstores, schools, community centers, etc.

If you're able to read these pages, i apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors on the special topics page about relationships. There are several things i still need to perfect with this and add in. But i enjoyed the process and learned and grew a lot from it. Man, this is why i love what i do. With the gift that God chose to give me I can choose to use it to hopefully help/inspire others in some sort of way. It makes me feel extremely fulfilled and overjoyed. Hope you enjoy, and would love to hear any suggestions if you have any. You can email or comment on here: Its definitely something I'd like to complete and your suggestions could help me make this something spectacular.

...too girly

i felt like my blog was getting too girly (not that a thing is wrong with that) so i had to put some monsters on here

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

INSPIRATION! Marimekko and more

Something I'd like to get into is repeat pattern making and getting some designs i make licensed. I love drawing, collaging, and painting, but when I can put the things i make on a useful object, whether it be a pillow, coaster, clothing, an umbrella, shower curtain, or whatever, it gets me kinnnda excited (!)

I was introduced to marimekko last summer and luved the bold and organic designs. When i saw how they were used and all the things they can be put on, i knew exactly what i wanted to do with some of the patterns i i just need to get to designing some.

The Elle Decor blog link is below as well. Its pretty awesome and worth checking out.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010