Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Spectacles

I think my uncle just bought these, and they look greeeeat! He looks like a new man, and he told me they make him feel different.

Heres the site i found them on. one of my favorites: http://www.good.is/post/warby-parker-a-truly-visionary-eyeware-company/

Wedding Cake Design

I'm designing my friends cake for her wedding--very exciting project! She wanted to go for 70s patterns so I drew several different ones and cut them out as if they were the different layers to the cake. I also drew different bands that would help show the separation of each layer. She then sorted through them, rearranging them different ways until she found the patterns she liked most. The patterns in these images are the leftovers that she didnt choose. We'll see how this goes once complete! Can't wait.

Today I'm gonna finish this logo, i hope. Its kinda stressin me because i cant find a font i like. It'll work out tho!


A week or two ago I randomly decided to go walking in Carytown in Richmond. I went into this ice cream shop called Bev's and got THE MOST delicious ice cream I've ever had. It's called Mexi-Chocolate and its chocolate ice cream with a hint of cayenne pepper---soooo goood!! So after eating it I decided to make a poster for it since I was and still kind of am attempting to create something new every day. So here's somethin quick I came up with!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coca Cola 90 Calorie Mini Cans

I came home around 11pm tonight. I have to head to Maryland in the a.m and thought it'd be best to leave from Warrenton rather than Richmond. I always look in the fridge when I come home. We usually have a whole lot of nothing. My mom packs the fridge with vegetables from Wegmans. I just want junk food. But I enjoy looking anyway, out of curiosity i suppose and the hope and desire to be surprised by something delicious staring back at me.

Tonight I was pleased. These cute little Coca Cola cans were dispersed throughout my fridge, placed wherever they would fit. These things are awesome to me. Package design is so clean. Can is so little and cute. They're all that are necessary. In life. Just kidding. Kinda of. No really I am. anyway, I feel like Coke is the Mac of (i was going to say "cokes" but) soda....

Dear Coca Cola people, this is genius. I love them.

PHOTOS OF WORK {pics taken by Lichelle Laconsay

all photos taken by Lichelle Laconsay http://www.helloluda.com/

My goal of posting something new everyday failed...already. But foreal, I have been sketching a lot more and observing more. Soon enough i'll post some stuff from my sketchbook. I'm also workin on this poster for some ice cream I fell in love with :) a logo, creating the pattern for my friends cake and designing her invitations (!) very excited about it all. just trying to manage it and...life. but I'm OFFICIALLY a VCU alum today. Took my last class test today and will receive my diploma in the mail by the end of the summer. I've been waitin for this moment. Now lets focuussss.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

JUNE 17 -- My Dad's Birthday

I've posted this illustration before but because its my Dad's bday i rededicate this to him. love him

So i decided to experiment on my phone a bit today. That was my project for the day. Nothing spectacular but it could inspire some new idea at some point..who knows.

A lil fashion illustration i did for the heck of it. I love drawing sometimes and not having an idea of what i'm going to draw but just seeing what happens and going with it. This is what happened.

I must confess, the tree and owl drawing on my arm (its not a tatoo.. but i wish i could get it and it would vanish whenever i desired) i did a few weeks ago. The tattoo is just a dream of mine that will probably never happen...we'll see tho. A friend and I went on a road trip one day and stopped by this park where we saw this tree. I loved the carved "typography," and how the letters kinda fade down and disintegrate. Quite inspiring. And the other images are just places I've been today--panera, my room....annnd no where else.

World Cup Poster designs

Top'a tha mornin! I should be studying for this exam right now but got distracted.
and now I'm posting...
but just wanted to share this poster design from the 1982 World Cup in Spain--this is definitely my fav!!

I'm really enjoyin this years games. Was never really into it before. BUT check out other posters here:

i'll be back on later to post somethin' new i've done/made today. much luv

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


Went to NC this weekend for my cousin's graduation. Sketched a bit. Talked to some fam members and friends to get some "next step" advice. Crazy/odd/exciting transition time for me and i wanna make the best of, well, this life. Im realizing that i dont have to squeeze everything within a year! Plan it out and things will transition as they will. Put in the work and not forget the things that are most important. Cant lose sight of myself, my dreams, and the people that are most imporant in my life.

Was on behance.net and there was this post of someone who made something new everyday. And this is a my new goal. Today I'm just going to use a sketch i made from the weekend (above). Tomorrow, we shall seeee! Not sure how long this will last but its worth a Go!

INSPIRATION! INSPIRE-ation. inpiratiooonnnnnnnn
{check out these sites! beautiful and sexiii}



Coming Soon....

photos of some of my work taken from Lichelle Laconsay -- neighbor, VCU student, photographer, and mad cool girl. Check her out: http://www.helloluda.com/