Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I painted on these little canvas from Plaza and made them into magnets. It was all for fun at first and then i decided i'd try and sell them at a local clothing boutique in Richmond called Rumors. Sold a few but need to make more variety i guess. They were a lot of fun, though, and a little way to make a little extra cash. i'll keep making more in my free time

Sketch Book

Here are some drawings from my most recent sketchbook, some from life, some made up, and some drawn from an image. I honestly dont have a lot of money right now and couldn't buy a moleskin or anything of that such so i made due with what i had. The paper isnt the best to try new mediums on but i wasnt dissatisfied or anything. Most of what i did are just pen and ink and acrylic, gouche, and collage so it was all good.

I definitely need to experiment more with different mediums. so if anyone has a technique that they enjoy doing and would like to share i'd love to hear and learn about it....foreal!

Friday, May 16, 2008

New to this here blog

So i'm new to all of this....
even though its been out for some time and everyone has one and talks about it.
i decided to make one today because im back home and have rediculous time to waste. i dont really know how to work this thing, and im sure its easy, but sometimes i can be slowtime. ah well, i'll figure it out. i'm only writing this because once this is published i'll see SOMETHING on my blog, and feel like i'm gettin somewhere with it. well im done with this post, and if this is ever read, i really apologize for wastin your time...