Thursday, February 18, 2010

Its been some time. I've recently been going through an "unmotivated" good, no good at all. Way too young for that, and way too soon! But thankfully it didn't last too long. Recently I've been working on a poster for friend and a personal piece--just a sketch I did and felt like fully executing. Over the break i tried to enter this Roots Jam Session logo contest for the Roots Jam Session that happens during the Grammys. The winner got to go to the event in Cali. I was soooo trying to win but didnt unfortunately. I had fun creating what i did. The winner's design was pretty sick so can't be too mad. At least I can say i tried! So below are some that I had submitted

Here are some illustrations i had done for some magazine spreads i was redesigning. The article was a "tongue and cheek" sort of article about how fertilizer was "the greatest invention in history" (....not really) but it was still interesting. It talked about how artificial fertilizer was the reason for industrialization and population increase, and how a chemical in the fertilizer was used in bombs so it was the reasons for several wars that occurred early 1900s. I mean, the guy who wrote the article was being facetious but he was making interesting points and i actually learned quite a bit from what he was saying. You should honestly read some on the invention of it, tho! Didnt know fertilizer was so serious :)

And heres a logo i designed for this contest. The lady wanted a logo for her up-and-comming bridal shop called "The Green Dress". The dress would be "green" friendly of course