Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eva Bonita

My brain gears have been grinding recently and I feel that slowly, yet surely, ideas and goals are coming into fruition. I can't deny that its been a difficult and frustrating process, though.

Anyhow, commuting to work can be annoying but its also a great time to brainstorm, reflect, figure some things out for myself, and talk to God. My next goal is to launch my website which I'd like to be broken down into three sections: Illustrations, graphic design, and interior accents. I've been ruminating on my name as a brand. As an illustrator and designer I think its fine and necessary to use my own name, yet as a line of products I don't feel that its marketable.
Above is a photo of my grandma Eva Walker. I never had the chance to meet her but from stories told by my family and conversations with older folks in this small town of mine, I understand that she was a phenomenal woman. She was smart, beautiful, self-enterprising, had her own beauty salon, started her own cosmetics line, modeled, was a community activist, a mother, a wife, a sister, bold, strong, and all-in-all Amazing. I remember sitting with my Grandaddy on his porch one day (Eva's husband) with a friend of his named Buddy and my sister. Buddy asked my Grandaddy, "How'd you get a woman like Eva, Mr. Walker?" I smiled. Grandaddy responded by shaking his head and saying, "I donno...," and we continued our conversation about her.

I suppose my siblings and I feel her spirit in us sometimes. Thinking about her, I get this "I have to make something happen" feeling that moves through my veins and honestly makes my feet wiggle (I think my feet have a life of their own!). I thank God for that feeling and I thank him for blessing me with a Grandma like Eva, a mother like the one I have that encourages all these ideas I have and has pushed me as a creative, a brother and sister that inspire and encourage me as well and are my biggest fans, and a Dad that has fed me wisdom and taught me the importance of it and discipline.

(So, to put an end to this novel that I'm writing) I've decided to name my interior accents line that I am in a continued process of brainstorming and creating, "Eva Bonita: Interior Accents." This line I dedicate to her and will create out of the seeds she had sewn and her thriving spirit imparted in us.

Here are mock ups for the logo. I'm still trying to get an idea of the direction I'd like to take it. I'll try and post more of this process.

I've been wanted to create some nice tags for my Eva Bonita line. In the meantime I made these very quickly. I really enjoy the process of branding a product and thinking of the little things you can do to make something sellable. Once my logo is complete I'll create the Eva Bonita tags for products. I'm currently doing som research, trying to find what sort of materials, designs, look, etc. that I'd like to go for.