Monday, July 14, 2014

First Show!

I had my first show the first weekend in June at the West End Business Association's 1st Annual Food Truck Rodeo in Alexandria, VA. It was absolutely amazing and such a blessing.

In the shows I've been a part of in the past, I was usually sharing a space with my mom. I had one show last year before starting my business at REVEL in Old Town, Alexandria. That show inspired me to start my business, and the show this year has given me a vision of potential.

I'm so grateful for the support of those that came, and I loved meeting so many different people and talking with them. It was a reminder of how, for me, the art and what is produced isn't the most important part of this, but also the people I'm able to connect with.

So thank you to all that came out. I really appreciate the encouragement and support you gave me, and I'm excited to use your feedback to improve my business.

Updated Zipper Pouches & Clutches

I've recently decided to slow down to refocus myself. I felt that I needed to not busy myself with work and take some me time to read, hang out and spend time with family and friends, exercise, spend some time with God, etc.

I normally fear stillness because in the past that would normally equate laziness, but I'm finding this to be ridiculous and not true. The balance is necessary. But naturally I enjoy doing things so I returned to sewing a couple things recently, trying to develop a refined technique and style in my work.

I designed a new flower pattern and had it printed and paired it with a striped fabric I found at Joann Fabrics. I've always enjoyed the mixing of patterns and the look of quirky boldness.

I was so excited as I worked on this, ensuring that my fabric was cut clean and precise and the stitching was as perfect as possible. My needle kept getting stuck but I was determined to finish. I kept getting frustrated and you know when you add frustration to eagerness — destruction is bound to happen.

I messed up twice nearing the end, fixed my mistakes, start sweating more, and kept going despite the fact that my needle continued to get stuck and it was now crooked. I tried bending it to straighten it and thought I fixed it. But I didnt.

Oh my goodness.

So at some point I heard a loud BANG as the needle struck metal and broke in half.
So I never got to finished that pouch that I was so excited about.

I had a 30 second pouting session just to get it out. But I think I was somewhat humored by my anxiety to finish and my failure of patience. I also always have this feeling like things are bound to happen once, so maybe I was oddly waiting on the day the needle would break. Lesson learned.

So here is the work in progress. Hopefully I'll have it completed — with my new sewing machine needle — in about a week or two.