Sunday, April 15, 2012

Words are Seeds

Who enjoys commuting? Eh?
I do...not. But, maybe I can't complain. It could be worse.
I commute 45 minutes to work and while I'd much rather be able to ride a bike, walk, or spend maybe just 20 min. in route, there are a few good things that come out of a commute. Like ideas. What I enjoy about commuting is having some time before work begins to think, sing, pray, plan, listen and/or learn.

On a particular morning, I was driving and listening to something obnoxious on the radio and decided that it wasn't good for my current vulnerable mood or emotions. I suppose it was one of those mornings when I wake up and heavy ideas/words/feelings from the previous day are still weighing on me and alive in my mind. And when preparing ourselves to face the world, we have to be aware of the little things that can occur beforehand that can either rekindle or supersede those emotions.

So, I turned the station.

I'll listen to the Family Life Christian station periodically. It has always provided me wisdom I like to take note of for current or future life situations. In this episode I turned to on this particular morning 6 minutes before arriving to work, they were speaking of words and how they can be used to inspire younger generations. This topic quickly caught my attention because of my interest in working with young people, helping to bring out and speak to their potential.

So this is how this illustration came to fruition. The commentator from the station mentioned how words are seeds and we can either plant seeds of life or seeds of pain into souls.

I encourage all to give life to others through your words and interaction with others. Shine light on the potential and strength in one another and remember that every one of us has a purpose and place on this earth.