Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spread and Ad created at Current Internship

I'm currently interning for Northern Virginia Magazine until December. (Hopefully I'll have a full-time job to begin afterward:/ )

Anyway, I absolutely love what I do there and all that I am learning. I had a great opportunity to design the spreads and illustrations for an article on Light Pollution for the October issue. Honestly a dream, and I am embracing every bit of it. I encourage all to find an internship in whatever field you're in. What you learn in school is great, but I believe it is very important to have experience in the workplace. Who cares if its paid or not, (although paid is a plus!), the knowledge you will receive if you choose to take full advantage of it will be worth it. ALSO, try and find one where they value your growth just as much as you do!

Web Ad designed for Destination Polo for NoVA Mag's "Specialicious" site. Photographer deserves much recognition though! He does nice work! Link below, along with link to the NoVA Mag special deals site.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Friday, September 24th, Don Jonathan and Ashleigh began to ready for an outing at the E Street Theater in Washington D.C. Don Jonathan didn't want to go. Ashleigh did. He went anyway after she begged for a shared experience.

Ashleigh fixed her hair, put on her fake pearl earrings that she rarely wore, a soft pink shirt-dress, black jeans, and her favorite burnt sienna sandles that remind her sister of orthapedic shoes.

Don Jonathan ironed his shirt. The steam made him sweat a bit, but it was nothing a little Old Spice couldn't take care of.

They walked out the door together. They could hear the neighbor carrying on an emphatic conversation with mystery guests. Perhaps there was just one. Ashleigh assumed it was his night for spades. Don Jonathan took a liking to this assumption.

Two hot dogs were bought and one large coke.
They're both young. Broke. Sharing costs whenever possible. They compromise. They sacrifice.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radient Child.
A beautiful documentary. Much of his story was an enigma to Don Jonathan and Ashleigh. It inspired the two artists.
They sat in the movie for an hour and a half with four other individuals.

Don Jonathan won the race up the steps. The movie let out and they walked out the theater. Took a round around the block and back to the car.

and back to the house to create.

"In the Cypher" Basquiat, 1982

Monday, September 27, 2010

Coffee shop on H Street. Great spot. Great people. Great environment.

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