Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some things I've been working on at the job....

All photos in the "Sheltered Life" editorial piece taken by Jonathan Timmes -- He's really great!

I learned sooo much while working on this piece. Before I had never really worked with photos in my layouts so I was excited about the opportunity and challenge. I also learned a bit about combining typefaces. I had a lot of fun with that on the 2nd to last page of this article.

When I began putting this together I had sooo many ideas I wanted to use and many weren't working together at all. I hadn't established a direction for it and this showed in the early stages of the layout. The other designers helped me see this and I began to understand how I can bring things together into a cohesive piece by choosing a few styles to carry throughout. I also had to figure out what styles/elements would best provide tone and visually tell this story to readers. Very thankful for this project.

I enjoyed making the Illustrations for this piece. My struggle with this one was using color that would be appropriate for the subject matter -- pro bono work and lawyers.

Illustration done for Light Pollution editorial piece. These spreads are also on my blog, a little ways down.