Sunday, September 20, 2009

workin on this piece still. next im trying to figure out what details to add. i love patterns and intricate designs so i may try and incorporate some along with some textures. may put a background of some sort because i never do backgrounds..buut that may be unnecessary. im gonna experiment and see.

on another really excited about the movie Where the Wild Things Are. i dont even know when its comming out but im excited.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Assignment i had to do for type class using word and/or image to convey meaning of word. I chose "fishing"

i drew this a few years ago actually and just recently found it and decided to do something with it. definitely not finished but still in the process....see where this goes...

Im in love with elephants. But i want to add a whole bunch of different tetures to the bow ties and ties. I have a mini obsession with patterns. but Im gonna try and make that happen soon.

i drew this a couple years ago also and wanted to mess with it. im not sure how i feel. i want texture in it but what i used isnt looking to great. i still need to work on this some. I've been trying to come up with an illustration to send to Brick Weekly and hopefully get it on the front page. They pay a little cash, and im extremely broke, so hopefully ill figure out what to send in soon! we'll seee.....

I made these 2 designs during my internship at Washington Post Digital. I learned soooo much while there. My graphic design/typographical skills arent too spectacular, but slowly improving. Im trying to take any opportunity i can to learn what i can. Im feelin like graphic design is almost hte only way to get a job if i dont want to go the freelance route. my ultimate plan is to just improve in both.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend '09

I'm outside right now typin this and mosquitos are killing me......
but anyway.

A few interesting...i guess...things that happened this weekend:

I was driving and a butterfly was crossing the street (if thats what you wanna call it) and i ran into it. It made me kinda upset and i wish it flew a little faster....

I went to church with my dad this morning and realized hte difference between a pastor or preacher preaching and him/her teaching. i prefer teaching. i prefer a message without all of the extra-ness. straightforward. real. to the point. and something that i can learn from and makes me want to learn more and understand more.

i just watched Corrina Corrina wit a good friend. Thats a GREAT movie and i highly recommend it. The music and some of the scenes in that movie are amazing.

and last, tonight/tomorrow begins this semesters hustle. Estoy lista