Monday, April 26, 2010

(pennies from heaven)

hey hey. soo this semester is bout to be ending (thank you Lord) and soon enough i'll be able to update this thing. I've been anxious to do it but havent had much time. things have been overwhelming lately foreal... and i can not wait for the moment i take my last test, turn in my last project, come home take me a nap, and start workin on some things i enjoy workin on, figurin out my next moves, and just doin me :)

this semester i've struggled to stay motivated and inspired and havent felt like myself completely. and it was n odd low to deal with. like the one thing that i used to depend on (making art) to get my mind off things i couldnt anymore. suuucky feelin. but life goes on and most things are temporary.

so anyway heres a lil collage/illustration im workin on for my independent study. still not done at all.
im makin this prototype for a book "Pieces of We" for young girls, like middle to high school. Once its complete ill post it up here for yal to check out what i have so far. I've been enjoying the process of making it. ivespoken to so many different women with so many different experiences and perspectives on life and i LOOOVE IT. very inspirational.

but anyway, will update this again soon with pillows and coasters i made. and the "new identity" i've been creating for myself ---(branding stuff)

much luv. be beautiful