Thursday, November 26, 2009

Playing around with type and then i got an idea. Ill have to work on this some more but im liking where its going..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Been doing a few things here and there. Haven't updated this in a little while and today has been a good day and I've had time to do my own thing, so I took advantage of it. Anyway, I recently put together some art to sell in local fashion shop Rumors. Its a real cool spot. Excited that they'd sell some of my stuff there. I've also been looking for jobs lately, trying to figure out exactly what it is i want to do after this year. I definitely want to be in a big city, New York is what im shooting for. I'd LOOVE to be an in-house designer for small company. Otherwise i want to work for a design agency. So recently ive been trying to sharpen my graphic design skills. I dont post much of that type stuff on here. Im still working on it :) I need to experiment more though, foreal. Anyway, Its somewhat scary to be graduating but im anxious at the same time. Definitely taking this time to continue to learn and discover more, learn as much as i can from my professors, and see where it all takes me. Im thankful for this time, though. Everythings been nice lately, and i cant complain. Anyway, hope everyone else is acknowledging the beauty of life.