Monday, February 20, 2017

What advice would you give your younger (middle, high school or college) self??

I asked this question on my instagram almost a year ago today, and here are some responses. Leave a response of your own in the comments! My dream is to one day compile stories, advice, quotes and more for young girls to read and hopefully be encouraged and inspired. 


Don't worry about what others say of your skinny legs and 'no' booty! 
It's ok to feel different, to love God, to at times feel and be alone because of what you stand for. 
The world/s way is not the only way. Always seek the path that is right/feels right for YOU!
- - - -

"I would say: even though you're a people person or outgoing, don't be afraid to stand up or out more, even when or if people try to throw shade or have something negative to say ... Like 'she think she all that, she know everybody, who she think she is' ... lol" -- M

- - - -

"There are going to be a few times that you think your world is ending and there's no possible way you could go on but it never does and you always do. Keep your chin up, all those heart breaks soften your soul and make you better. There are amazing things that come out of that darkness." -- A

- - - -

"All of the aspects of life that seem to matter so much right now, don't really matter that much when you see the big picture. All the ties you have cried and felt you could not go on are stepping stones building up your strength for what you are going to face tomorrow. Lastly, love those around you as fiercely as you can because you never know when you will see them for the last time so make every moment with every person count. -- M

- - - -

Stay away from boys; they suck the life out of you. You end up neglecting relationships that really matter and your grades are pitiful. 

- - - -

Girl, live your life, love yourself! Cultivate your core being. Express and honor your ideas and values. Live true to yourself! --S

- - - -

1. Wait until marriage 2. Seek God sooner rather than later -- G 

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